Since 1992, we have always believed in creating greatness.
We are a professional mattress intelligent production line manufacturer. We have experienced more than 30 years of hard work from “Iron Horse Automation” to “Aimas Co., Ltd.” and “Aimas Bata Robot”. Along the way, we have focused on the field of mattress production equipment, and have developed from an old company that inherits precision manufacturing to an intelligent robot application system that subverts traditional mattress manufacturing technology today, and an excellent company with industry visibility and reputation.

High-tech enterprise – has a provincial technology center, doctoral postgraduate entrance examination workstation.

Patent demonstration enterprise – 110 patents and more than 20 software copyrights.

Iterative innovation of core technology – the self-developed robot mattress production line system has been continuously upgraded, and is most suitable for mattress companies to combine MES, WMS and other systems to realize unmanned production.

Subverting the industry – the world’s first developed and applied robot mattress production line, subverting the traditional production mode, the industry’s occupancy rate ranks first in the world.

Management system – rich on-site cross-implementation management experience, more than 30 years of practical project management experience.

For more than 30 years, Tiema Automation has not only created excellent innovation capabilities and high-reliability production system integration projects, but also continuously created wealth for customers, and won praise from every customer who uses Tiema Automation. With the concept of lifelong service, it completely relieves customers from worries. Therefore, using an “iron horse” means using peace of mind.
The next 5-10 years will be a reshuffle period for the mattress market. Intelligent manufacturing will surely replace traditional manufacturing. If you have ideas about changing the production model in the near future, please contact us to learn more about mattress production line equipment and let Industry 4.0 really help Your business creates wealth!

1992Company established (year)
5000Floor area(㎡)
1000+Cooperative customers (units)
160+On-the-job employees (people)




Pre-Sale Service

Before signing the contract, our company will send a team of professional planning engineers to fully communicate and communicate with customers, put themselves in the shoes of customers, and provide the most appropriate solutions.


Sale Service

After the contract is signed, our company’s design team will design and complete the general project plan as quickly as possible for the customer to confirm; during the production period, we will implement the quality control of the whole production process; The company will actively communicate and coordinate with Party A on relevant issues during the construction process.


After-Sales Service

First of all, on-site training is carried out so that customers can master the principle of system maintenance and solve common problems; secondly, according to relevant regulations, a one-year warranty period is given, and free maintenance is provided during the warranty period (except for force majeure and human factors); in addition, When receiving a repair call, the remote maintenance platform is first used to solve the problem. If it is necessary to go to the scene, a technical service response will be made within 2 hours, and the related technical problems will be solved within 24 hours.


Return Visit Service

During the warranty period, return visits will be made twice a year, and the after-sales service team will provide tracking services for the equipment manufactured and installed by our company. After the warranty period, our company will continue to keep in touch with users, and send special personnel to conduct regular inspections, so that users can use our products with confidence.