From 1992 to now, we have always firmly believed in creating greatness!



In June, Zhejiang Far East Emas Automation Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Zhang Zhen, a member of China Light Industry Machinery Association, a member of China Furniture Association, and a director of Zhejiang Lighting Association.


In August, Far East Emmas took the lead in developing the production line of electronic energy-saving lamps, and cooperated with Zhejiang Sunshine Group Company to successfully develop China’s first automatic aging line for energy-saving lamps, and has a number of invention patents!


In September, successfully developed electronic energy-saving lamp tube aging refining line and cement production line with Zhejiang Sunshine Group, and the new generation of complete sets of energy-saving lamp equipment was promoted and applied in the energy-saving lamp industry.


In February, the complete set of Far East Aimers exported to Indonesia for the first time out of China. In March of the same year, it moved into the scientific research and production base covering an area of 10,000m2.


In February, in cooperation with Nanjing 714 Factory, Aimas Automation successfully manufactured Haier’s complete air-conditioning production line for the first time, entering the field of air-conditioning equipment.


In May, the PHILIPS North Korea factory in the Netherlands selected the Emers energy-saving lamp production line.


In February, a new generation of electronic energy-saving lamp automatic detection aging refining line was successfully developed, and quickly occupied the market. 80% of the country’s energy-saving lamp manufacturers use the Aimers assembly line. In May of the same year, it received a full set of energy-saving lamp production orders from GE China.



In June, Aimas Enterprise was identified as “Zhejiang Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology.


In May, Far East Emmas cooperated with Australian SLEEPEEZEE to develop Simmons production lines, and exported them to the United States, Australia and other countries, and served well-known domestic enterprises: Quanyou Furniture, Mingzhu Furniture, Double Tiger Mattress, Anhui Wanbao, Anhui Yue Jiao, Hefei Yaohai, Wuhan Lianle, Jiangxi Yijianxi, Jiangsu Junmengmei, Zhejiang Mengshen, Xilinmen, Guangdong Yuantian, etc.


In August, Emas Automation has established long-term cooperative relations with internationally renowned companies such as PHILIPS, GE, OSRAM, etc. Relying on the concept of continuous innovation, AIMAS has its solid footprint in more than 30 countries around the world!


In January, fully developed and occupied the Indian and Middle East markets.


In May, Emas Automation received orders for assembly lines from Toshiba (China) and Toshiba (Thailand).


In October, Zhejiang Anlu Cleaning Machine Co., Ltd. developed a full set of production-level cleaning machines and a full set of generator production lines


In September, AIMAS Automation won the order of OSRAM production line in Germany.



In February, AIMAS Automation won the order of Panasonic’s production line in Japan. In the same year, AIMAS Automation built a new industrial park covering an area of 80 mu, and developed high-precision equipment such as automatic placement machines and automatic plug-in machines.


In May, Aimas Automation developed a high-speed train maintenance production line for the North Motor Vehicle Company, enabling Aimas to enter the field of high-speed rail maintenance equipment


Won the “National High-tech Enterprise”


Successfully developed an automatic glue spraying production line for soft mattresses, filling the gap in China


The reexamination passed the national high-tech enterprise, and “Aimas Automation” was awarded the famous trademark of the city


Based on the intelligent era of cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things and the Internet, the first intelligent mattress production line was designed and delivered.


Actively participated in the national “Belt and Road” project, and undertook the construction of the Serbian lighting factory project


Started to build a new 50-acre automated production and R&D base


Actively explore the “Belt and Road” projects, undertake the construction of lighting factory projects in Senegal, new energy vehicle projects, new energy vehicle projects in Pakistan, new energy vehicle projects in Uzbekistan, new energy bus projects in Egypt, mattress projects in Indonesia and Turkey, etc., and make continuous efforts to create great!



Started independent research and development of robots used in mattress production lines Started independent research and development of robots used in mattress production lines


Participate in and build the mattress production line of Mousse Group, and pioneer the first domestic robot mattress production line; save a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources.


Undertake the construction of the high-end mattress production line in Building 5 of Jiaxing Huadong Mousse Mattress Production Base; the output can reach 5,000 pieces/day