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Since 1992, we have always believed in creating greatness

We are a professional mattress intelligent production line manufacturer. We have experienced more than 30 years of hard work from “Iron Horse Automation” to “Aimas Co., Ltd.” and “Aimas Bata Robot”.

Along the way, we have focused on the field of mattress production equipment, and have developed from an old company that inherits precision manufacturing to an intelligent robot application system that subverts traditional mattress manufacturing technology today, and is an excellent company with industry visibility and reputation.

Job openings

1、Electrical Engineer (urgent)
Job Responsibilities

1) Able to independently design the control system according to the project requirements.
2) Familiar with common industrial control products in the market (such as Omron, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Siemens PLC)
3) Independent design, development of PLC programs, debugging capabilities, combined with frequency converters, electrical system assembly and debugging capabilities.
4) Familiar with the selection, configuration, programming, installation and debugging of PLC, touch screen and related equipment
Job requirements

1) College degree or above in electrical equipment management or electrical instrument automation related majors, excellent candidates in this industry can relax to a technical secondary school degree.
2) At least 1-3 years of relevant work experience.
3) Familiar with electrical schematic diagrams, electrical wiring, and drawing software
4) Familiar with Siemens programming, able to adapt to business trips.

2、Electrician (urgent)
Job Responsibilities

1) Responsible for the assembly of electrical parts and equipment of each product, strictly follow the steps required by the assembly operation instructions for product production, and fill in various production records in a timely and accurate manner
2) Responsible for problem feedback and tracking during the assembly process
3) Ensure product quality and delivery of electrical assembly parts
4) Strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the department;
5) Responsible for the 6S maintenance of the area;
6) Other related work arranged by the leader.
Job requirements

1) Those who have a technical secondary school degree or above and have more than 2 years of working experience in the equipment manufacturing industry can be appropriately relaxed;
2) Automation, electronic engineering and other related majors are preferred;
3) Possess electric soldering iron welding ability;
4) The ability to independently complete electrical cabinet wiring is preferred;
5) Familiar with electrical related professional knowledge, able to identify electrical principle drawings;
6) Those with relevant qualification certificates or relevant training certificates are preferred.

Job Responsibilities

1) Responsible for the editing and writing of the company’s public relations and reporting documents to the government;
2) Responsible for the writing of the company’s patent application materials;
3) Organize company-wide planning creativity and copywriting training, and training in organizing activities;
4) Responsible for the company’s corporate culture promotion plan and the compilation of the company’s memorabilia;
5) Responsible for the planning of the company’s event planning, and complete the daily work assigned by the company;
6) Responsible for the organization, planning and implementation details of the company’s large-scale activities, and formulate the implementation details of the activities.
7) Cooperate with the business department to plan the platform copywriting and market the products;
Job requirements

1) Journalism, communication, advertising, Chinese, Internet and other related majors;
2) Good writing skills, strong thematic planning and information collection and editing capabilities;
3) Proficient in using Office software, have a certain art foundation, and can easily use photoshop and other drawing software is preferred;
4) Experience in corporate brand copywriting, good at American writing is preferred

4、Mechanical Engineers
Job Responsibilities

1) Responsible for the related work of the technical department such as the drawing of the company’s drawings;
2) Responsible for the design of the automation system;
3) Responsible for the design of machine fixtures;
4) Design non-standard mechanical equipment, those who can complete it independently are preferred;
5) Produce drawings of designed products and hand over and guide technical personnel
Job requirements

1) Familiar with CAD drawing, 3D software is preferred

Job Responsibilities

1) Responsible for the overall planning of the company’s non-standard automation project or robot system integration project, the formulation of the implementation plan, and the specific details of the project work plan;
2) Do a good job of quality supervision, cost control and risk prediction for the overall project to ensure the smooth completion of the project;
3) As the management and control personnel of the project requirements stage, development stage and implementation stage, responsible for coordinating the work of the project team in an orderly and planned manner. In the project implementation stage, as the direct interface with the customer, coordinate and manage the customer relationship. Guide and meet the customer’s related needs for products, deal with the customer’s various requirements during the project implementation process, and ensure that the implementation project is completed on time and with high quality;
4) Responsible for coordinating and managing external resources of all parties in the project, such as: suppliers, supporting manufacturers, etc.;
5) Manage project team members well and arrange team work reasonably;
6) Obey the reasonable arrangements of superior leaders
Job requirements

1) Technical secondary school or above, with no major restrictions;
2) More than three years of non-standard automation or industrial robot system integration equipment or system project management experience;
3) Experience in independently completing the above types of new project management is preferred, and experience in key account management is preferred;
4) Serious work attitude, rigorous and responsible, strong sense of responsibility, hard work, strong ability to resist pressure, strong communication, coordination ability and good teamwork spirit
5) Logical thinking is clear, able to deal with multiple projects at the same time, good at grasping the key points and key links of the project;
6) It is better to have product engineer or solution engineer experience.

Job Responsibilities

1) According to the requirements of the workshop supervisor and the monitor, complete the production tasks on time and according to the quantity;
2) Carry out production operations according to the requirements of the process and drawings;
3) Obey the leader’s arrangement and complete the technical learning tasks outside the post
Job requirements

1) Can use CAD software, mainly pipe materials and sheet metal profiles;
2) More than two years experience in pipe cutting
2) Have working experience in machining industry;
3) Have operated a laser cutting machine, responsible for the daily maintenance and maintenance application of the equipment.

7、Purchasing Specialist
Job Responsibilities

1) The main procurement is responsible for the procurement of the company’s mechanical equipment and parts
2) Other work arranged by the leader
3) Those who have 2 years or more experience in the manufacturing industry or engaged in production and procurement are preferred;
4) Skilled use of office software and UFIDA U8
Job requirements

1) Female; college degree or above, no strict professional requirements, preferably logistics, mechanical major; able to drive
2) Familiar with the procurement process, good communication skills, negotiation skills and cost awareness;
3) Fair and just, with good professionalism and professional ethics, adhere to the procurement principle; have strong executive power, driving force, and strong sense of responsibility.
4) Have good professional ethics and quality, and be able to withstand certain work pressure

8、Milling machine worker
Job Responsibilities

1) Complete the production tasks assigned by the link of the product or process on time;
2) Use the machine tool in strict accordance with the requirements of the machine tool operating procedures and the machine tool manual;
3) Process the workpiece strictly in accordance with the process documents and drawings, and correctly fill in the process operation procedure sheet and other quality records;
4) Responsible for the daily maintenance of machine tools;
5) At work, improve self-level and make suggestions on problems in the production process.
Job requirements

1) Those who are proficient in operating lathes and drilling machines, and those with machining experience are preferred;
2) Junior high school education or above, able to operate large-scale ordinary machine tools proficiently, and have a strong sense of responsibility.
3) Engaged in the actual operation of ordinary digital display milling machines for many years, familiar with the processing characteristics of various materials;
4) Practical and willing to work, hard-working, fast-working.

Job Responsibilities

1) Under the leadership of the production manager and team leader, strictly abide by the “operation rules”, complete the monthly production tasks, and be responsible for the assembly quality of the products;
2) Make preparations before assembly according to the product name, model, specification, special tools, standard parts, etc. of the product “assembly drawing” provided by the designer;
3) Familiar with various mechanical transmission principles, hydraulic transmission principles, pneumatic principles, drilling, tapping, work coordination, welding, flat grinding, milling, sawing and other assembly processes for assembly;
4) Carry out product assembly in strict accordance with the “assembly process”, and promptly report problems in assembly to designers, and promptly report major issues that affect quality and progress to the production manager, and notify designers for assembly approval after assembly. The commissioning should be transported to the site to ensure the assembly quality;
5) Abide by the relevant rules and regulations, maintain the working environment, carry out production operations according to the specifications, and the product quality meets the specified requirements; abide by the relevant rules and regulations, maintain the working environment, carry out production operations according to the specifications, and the product quality meet the specified requirements;
6) Complete production tasks on time, with guaranteed quality and quantity according to the team leader’s assignment and process and quality requirements; complete production tasks on time, with guaranteed quality and quantity according to the team leader’s assignment and process and quality requirements;
7) Assembled products should be placed neatly in the marking area according to the regulations, and random placement and placement are strictly prohibited; assembled products should be neatly placed in the marking area according to regulations, and random placement and random placement are strictly prohibited;
8) Strictly abide by the “equipment management system”, “site fixed management, civilized production management system” and “safety production management system”, do a good job in equipment maintenance, civilized production and safe production. Strictly abide by the “equipment management system”, “site fixed management, civilized production management system”, “safety production management system”, do a good job in equipment maintenance, civilized production and safe production.
job requirements

1) Experience in assembling large-scale complete sets of equipment, able to read drawings

Job Responsibilities

1) Mechanical, electrical or related are preferred;
2) Engaged in the installation of mechanical equipment and automation equipment
3) Able to assemble and debug according to the drawing requirements;
4) Familiar with various components, skillfully use various fitter assembly tools and measuring tools;
Job requirements

1) Experience in large-scale mold or large-scale equipment installation is preferred.
2) It is required to have engaged in metalworking work for more than 2 years, and fresh graduates are also acceptable
3) Possess good professionalism and professional ethics, adhere to the principle of procurement; have strong executive power, driving force, and strong sense of responsibility. Have a good sense of teamwork and communication and coordination skills.

Special reminder

All the above positions can provide free lunch

Do six days off and have housing allowance

Under 40, excellent conditions can be considered at the discretion

Specific salary negotiation or telephone consultation

Recruitment Contact:86-18072598256 (WeChat same number) Manager Wu

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